Specific products and services require specific contracts that comply with the current state of legislation and case law.

A large part of our services consists of the supervision and formation of bespoke agreements.  These may include non-disclosure agreements (NDA), letters of intent (LoI) as well as agreements that are necessary to lay down the final arrangements with your trading partner. We can also advise you on the design of various partnerships, the general partnership agreement or the shareholders agreement between partners in the private company with limited liability (B.V.).

We see it as our duty to provide a correct legal translation of your goals as an entrepreneur in a manner that is future-proof and that embeds the mutual day-to-day expectations, but also offers solutions should the collaboration not go as you had in mind.

Each transaction entails legal consequences. Customers may hold you liable for damage. You can limit those risks by using general conditions. General conditions are the terms that you can use as a basis for all your agreements. They provide transparency and certainty: what may the Client expect from you and what may you expect from the Client? If you do not use your own conditions but your contracting party does, you may be bound by the other party’s conditions, which are often disadvantageous for you. Moreover, it makes a considerable difference whether you do business with consumers or only with entrepreneurs. Based on your market position we will make your general conditions transparent and legally up to date.


Klaver & Janssen Advocaten in Alkmaar works for and with entrepreneurs; our lawyers specialize in corporate law and are happy to help you with your challenges.